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2012-13 Tech Cadre Members

Page history last edited by Christy Trantina 7 years, 9 months ago
Atkins Amy Covey Curriculum Coordinator amy.covey@atkinsschools.org
Atkins Allen Haney Technology Specialist allen.haney@atkinsschools.org
Clinton Stephanie Treece 8th Grade Math treeces@clinton.k12.ar.us
Clinton Tammy Johnson HS Business Teacher johnsont@clinton.k12.ar.us
Conway Sue Fabert Instructional Facilitator faberts@conwayschools.net
Conway Joel Dean Technology Coordinator deanj@conwayschools.net
Conway Carolyn Rhodes Instructional Facilitator rhodesc@conwayschools.net
Conway KK Bradshaw Administration bradshak@conwayschools.net
Danville JenniferRichardson HS Science richardsj@dps-littlejohns.net
Danville Jenni Phomsithi English & Yearbook phomsithij@www.dps-littlejohns.net
Dardanelle Karie Kuras Instructional Technology/Literacy Coach karie.kuras@dardanelle.k12.ar.us
Dardanelle Laurie Gagne 8th Grade Social Studies (DMS) laurie.gagne@dardanelle.k12.ar.us
Dardanelle Lori Stokes 4th Grade lori.stokes@dardanelle.k12.ar.us
Dover Joanne Hefley High School Social Studies joanne.heffley@doverschools.net
Dover Amber Race 2nd Grade amber.race@doverschools.net
East End April Blackburn Educational Technology Teacher ablackburn@bigelow.k12.ar.us
East End Dena Meriweather Technology Curriulum Leader/Media Specialist meriweat@bigelow.k12.ar.us
Greenbrier Nancy Redican 4th Grade redicann@greenbrierschools.org
Greenbrer Amber Vint HS Library Media Specialist vinta@greenbrierschools.org
Guy-Perkins Brandee Green 3rd Grade greenb@guy.afsc.k12.ar.us
Guy-Perkins Tammy Murry K-5 Academic Coach, 4th Math & Science murryt@guy.afsc.k12.ar.us
Hector Shelly Frew Instructional Technology Coordinator shelly.frew@hector.k12.ar.us
Hector Charlotte Brock HS Business Teacher charlotte.brock@hector.k12.ar.us
Hector Kara Rohr Elementary Teacher kara.rohr@hector.k12.ar.us
Mayflower Jessica Williams 1st Grade Teacher jwilliams@mayflowerschools.info
Mayflower Sabrena Thacker HS History sthacker@mayflowerschools.info
Mayflower Kim Koch HS Library Media Specialist kkoch@mayflowerschools.info
Mt. Vernon-Enola Kayla Lasley 5-6 Math, 5th Social Studies klasley@faculty.mve.k12.ar.us
Mt. Vernon-Enola Jennifer Kellar HS Science jkellar@faculty.mve.k12.ar.us
Nemo Vista Regina Tilley Literacy & Math Interventionist, Elementary rtilley@nemo.k12.ar.us
Nemo Vista Clay Blake 6-7 Science, 6th Literacy cblake@nemo.k12.ar.us
Perryville Jamie Chambliss Instructional Technology / Library Media jamie.chambliss@psd.k12.ar.us
Perryville Kelly Tolley HS Counselor kelly.tolley@psd.k12.ar.us
Pottsville Jennifer Curry Instructional Technology Director jennifer.curry@pottsville.k12.ar.us
Pottsville Lane Smith 2nd Grade lane.smith@pottsville.k12.ar.us
Quitman Cortney Lane Instructional Technology lanec@quitman.k12.ar.us
Quitman Michael Stacks Instructional Technology stacksm@quitman.k12.ar.us
Russellville James Foster Instructional Technology james.foster@russellvilleschools.net
Shirley Brittney Kyle 5-6 Science brittney.kyle@shirley.k12.ar.us
South Conway County Anne Stobaugh Primary School Media Specialist astobaugh@sccsd.k12.ar.us
South Conway County Anna Henderson 6th Grade anna.henderson@sccsd.k12.ar.us
South Conway County Lee Brannon Technology lbrannon@sccsd.k12.ar.us
South Side Amy Hutto HS Library Media Specialist ahutto@southsidebb.org
South Side Katherin Smith Journalism, AP History ksmith@ssbb.k12.ar.us
South Side Tresse Glover HS Science glovert@southsidebb.org
St. Joseph Luke Davis 7-12 Science, Baseball, Volleyball ldavis@stjosephconway.org
St. Joseph Lindsey Thompson 5th Grade English/Language Arts lthompson@stjosephconway.org
Two Rivers Tarah Lawrence 3rd & 4th Grade lawrencet@trgators.org
Two Rivers Jennifer Lisenbey HS Language Arts/Journalism lisenbeyj@trgators.org
Vilonia Christy Newell Instructional Technology Coordinator christy.newell@viloniaschools.org
Vilonia Rebekah Martin Primary Media Specialist rebekah.martin@viloniaschools.org
Vilonia Faith Fisher Elementary Media Specialist faith.fisher@viloniaschools.org
West Side Greers Ferry Veronica Haile 2nd Grade Writing/Phys. Ed. veronica.haile@wseagles.k12.ar.us
West Side Greers Ferry Debbie Smith 5-6 Teacher debbie.smith@wseagles.k12.ar.us
Western Yell Co. Zach Vest HS Social Studies vestz@wolverines.k12.ar.us
Western Yell Co. Charles Smith HS Science smithc@wolverines.k12.ar.us
Wonderview Lanette Crafton High School Library Media Center lanette.crafton@wonder.k12.ar.us


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