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Oretha's Resources

Page history last edited by Christy Trantina 7 years, 6 months ago

Oretha’s Resources for Student Projects


1.  Newspaper 

  •  Newseum.org – look at today’s headlines & front pages of over 800 newspapers
  •  Google ‘free newspaper templates’ – results for MS Word, Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, etc.


2.  Trifold

  • Use MS Word or Publisher



3.  CCSS for Producing & Publishing – Creating & Publishing Websites


     Examples: Oretha's Student Wikis -  She uses Wordpress (blog) as a website to link to her Students' Wikis (they use PBWorks)



4.  Storybird



5.  Visual Literacy - Organizing Information & Ideas for Writing - Mindmaps & FlowCharts

  • Mindmeister - create mindmaps.  Free iPad app, or mindmeister.com (free basic account)  (Oretha likes this)
  • Popplet - create mindmaps.  Free iPad app (Popplet lite), or popplet.com (free)   (Christy likes this)
  • Cacoo - create flowcharts.  Free limited account, no iPad app. 



6.  Photo Collages

  • Assignment:  Students choose 5-10 pictures representing their reading.  Oretha chooses 1 photo, student must explain...then a classmate chooses another photo, student explains.  No way to prepare, student must have read the material to 'pass'. 
  • Many tools available, use what you have and know.  (From Word or Publisher to Photoshop!)
  • Websites:  PhotoVisi.comFotor
  • Apps:  Collage, Pic Stitch, Photo Collage Free


7.  Playbill

  • Assignment:  Students create a Playbill demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of content. 
  • Tools - MS Word, Publisher, Google Docs, other publishing software
  • Tips - How to Design a Playbill


8.  Student Videos

  • Assignment:  Student teams were given 15 minutes to create a video demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of content.
  • Oretha's students used Flip Video cameras.  Other options= iPad, ipod touch, smartphones.  Videos can be emailed to the teacher, or played directly from the device.
  • How to Upload a video to YouTube
  • How to Upload a video to Vimeo 





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