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April 30, 2014

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What's Your Story?




Getting Started with Google Hangouts


Eva Griffin, 5th Grade Math/Science - South Mississippi County Schools (Rivercrest)



Chromebook Apps Used:

Google Drive, Math Trail, BrainPop, Padlet, Dropbox, Quizlet, Remind 101, Khan Academy, ScanQR, Buzz Math, Spelling City, ShredderChess.


Other Tools Used:

    • Eva creates narrated math & science instructional videos using ShowMe & Explain Everything (iPad).  Uploads into Edmodo class for students to view.
    •  Students use Crocodoc.com to highlight & annotate PDF's.  Saves the file into Google Drive and shares with Eva for grading.
    •  Eva joins Google Communities to keep learning more about her Chromebooks (ChromebookEDU, Google Apps EDU)
    •  Eva joins Edmodo Communities to get CCSS ideas from other teachers



Harry Alvis, iBooks in High School Math - Hector Schools

    •  Uses iBooks Author to create iBook Textbooks (a free software to download for Mac Computers)
    • Creates his own narrated instructional math videos using his SMART Board & SMART Recorder with headset/microphone.
    • Videos can be saved for Windows or Mac, and inserted into iBooks or posted on your webpage.



Katherin Smith, Southside Bee Branch



QuickFire Topics:


  • Tammy Johnson, Clinton HS, Business Education - A Literacy Design Unit with WordPress & Instagram

Tammy's LDC Resources & sample modules 


  • Nancy Redican, Greenbrier 5th Grade - Kidblog

Grants:  DonorsChoose.org

1) Look under Partner Funding Opportunities

2) start small (ex. 3 Chromebooks rather than 10)

3) you make the first donation to get things going ($1 will do) 





LUNCH  11:45-12:30



Bill Dickey & Charlie Wooten, Western Yell County Schools


Activity 1:  What is Your Story?

  • Create a brief product that demonstrates your current technology story. (Technology Lineage)
  • You may work together or alone.
  • Use whatever tools you want.  PPT, Video, Animoto, Comic Strip, Pic Collage, surprise us!
  • We hope a few of you will present & share your story with us - presenting is in TESS domain 4 :) 



Activity 2:  What is Your Next Chapter?  (2014-15 school year)

Google Form - Ideas for Next Year



Activity 3:  Share Resources with the Group (Google Form)

Shared Responses - Resources for you to use next year



2:45-3:00 - Evaluations, Closing





Said No Teacher Ever

Kid Snippets Math Class



Scrapbook Family Tree

TPACK.org image




Resources for you to play with this summer:



Rubrics for Technology Projects




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