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Tammy's Resources

Page history last edited by Christy Trantina 6 years, 5 months ago
Tammy Johnson, Clinton HS Business Education

LDC - Literacy Design Collaborative
Improving Literacy in all disciplines

Sample Curriculum 

Arch Ford Modules  - Examples of Module from AR Schools

Teaching the students about photography for DC:
1. Camera work - How to use the Cameral
2. Vocabulary
3. Different types of shots - 


Close Up -                     2 Friends in Class

Extreme Close Up -        1 Selfie, 1 Object

Mid Shots-                     2 teachers, 2 friends out of this class

Long Shots                    4 distant shots about high school memories

Rule of Thirds                 4 shots using grids - artistic viewpoint    =16 total shots

 After using the cameras to take the shots we did a mock blog and editing session in Instagram. We used smart phones and ipads.  They tagged the pictures with the type of shot and wrote a short/sweet commentary.  Pus we tagged the year book.  Each student presented their work.

Word Press Blog
Students show cased their work in a blog.  This is where the literacy lesson came in.  They told a story about their high school experiences.  We used peer reviews and editing.  Also integration of emerging technology.  

Student Samples:

These project based lessons integrated digital media with literacy/technology/higher thinking skills.  The students learned about themselves... how they feel and think about high school and about each other.   Many have continued working on their blogs for fun. 


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